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Re: Critics wary of Moltex’s nuclear-waste strategy

Published in the Globe and Mail April 5, 2023
The Editors
The Globe and Mail
Toronto, Ontario
Dear Editors
The Globe's article on the proposed molten salt nuclear reactor at the Point Lepreau site highlights a critical weakness in the federal government's clean industrial strategy. It has at times shown and tendency to pour taxpayer's money into anything that claims to be 'clean' or 'green' and to pointedly not ask difficult questions.  The latter point has been emphasized by the federal government's decision to subsidize the Lepreau project while declining to review it under the Impact Assessment Act. This is despite the extraordinary technological, economic, environmental and security risks and uncertainties associated with the project, some of which could leave dangerous legacies measured in hundreds of millennia and billions of dollars in management and clean-up costs.
Yours sincerely,
Mark S. Winfield, Ph.D.
MES Program Coordinator
MES/JD Program Coordinator
Co-Chair, Sustainable Energy Initiative

Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change

York University