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Mark Winfield
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Winfield, M., “Greening the Economy: Economic Stimuli and the Opportunity for Restructuring for Sustainability in Canada” Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation Occasional Papers Series, January 2009.
Winfield, M., “Climate Change and Canadian Energy Policy: Policy Contradiction and Policy Failure,” Behind the Headlines Volume 65 Number 1 (January 2008).
Winfield, M., “We must exit road to crisis; Big trouble awaits if we keep segregating land uses and building suburbs for the car,” The Toronto Star September 1, 2007 (feature article prepared at request of the Toronto Star).

Winfield, M., “Public safety in public hands: rethinking the TSSA model” The Toronto Star, August 29, 2008.
Research Reports and Monographs

Winfield, M., Gibson, R.B., Markvart, T., Gaudreau  K., Taylor, J.,

An Analysis of the Ontario Power Authority’s Consideration of Environmental Sustainability in Electricity System Planning (Toronto and Waterloo: Faculties of Environmental Studies, York University and University of Waterloo, August 2008) for the Green Energy Coalition.
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Winfield, M., Kaufman, S., and Whorley, D., A Study of Ontario’s Technical Standards and Safety Authority and the Consequences of Putting Public Safety in Private Hands (Toronto: Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy, July 2000). CIELAP TSSA_The new public management comes to ontario