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Mark Winfield

Assistant Professor and Coordinator of MES/JD Joint Program
BA (Science & Technology Studies), MA PhD (Political Science) Toronto


Areas of Academic Interest

  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Law
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Urban Sustainability
  • Climate Change Policy

My current research and teaching activities are focused in three areas:

  • Environmental Policy and governance
  • Sustainable energy
  • Sustainability of urban communities

Environmental policy and governance

My research in this area has been focused on institutional design and policy instrument choice in environmental and energy policy. My most recent work has been focussed on energy efficiency and climate change policy, as well as 'smart' regulation initiatives at the federal and provincial levels in Canada. My past environmental policy work has included the role of information technology and public access to information in environmental policy, institutional design for drinking water protection (for the Walkerton Inquiry), toxic substances pollution prevention, ecological fiscal reform, globalization, trade and the environment and the regulation of biotechnology. Over the coming years I hope to build on FES's parterships with Osgoode Hall Law School, Schulich School of Business, and other research units at York in these areas.

Sustainable Energy

My second major area of focus is the sustainability of energy systems. Over the past four years, I have focused particularly on electricity policy issues in Ontario, examining the potential contributions of energy efficiency and low-impact renewable energy sources to the province’s electricity system. My work has included extensive comparative analyses of Canadian energy policy in these areas relative to leading jurisdictions in the United States and European Union. I bring an extensive network of contacts in the energy field to FES.

Urban sustainability

The third major area of focus for my research has been on the sustainability of urban communities in Ontario, particularly within the Greater Golden Horseshoe region. This focus has been driven, in part by the impact of urban development patterns on transportation-related emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants in the region. My work has included case studies on the local implementation of ‘smart growth’ policies by Ontario municipalities and monitoring and analysis of provincial policy related to urban sustainability. I look forward to work with the Cities Institute at York.

Other Positions/Affiliations

Select prizes and awards

  • Metcalf Foundation, Leaders in the Field Fellowship (2007)